The extensive amount of infrastructure and time Red Roses Public School has devoted to the cause of reading excites us beyond words! We are always glad to know that schools are committed to spreading the habit of reading. But after getting insights from the principal, Ritu Bedi Ma’am, it became clear how Red Roses bagged a place on the BR Rankboard for July.

For them, inculcating the habit of reading among children was something to always endeavour towards. Freedom and Club1Br came as a boon at the right time. But what made this collaboration special was the amount of effort Red Roses put in to secure a brighter future for their children. They started with talking individually to parents and children to convey the advantages of having a digital library and convinced them to download the Freadom app.

Getting children to read on the app was the next step. What they did will amaze you! They allotted reading periods, got teachers to assist the children at each and every step, and even appointed a teacher exclusively for the Freadom app! This teacher uses the app, and its features such as the data regarding reading minutes of students to spread the love for books among many more students on a daily basis.

Ritu Bedi Ma’am tells us that she hopes to improve her children’s reading minutes in the coming months. Well, let me tell you Ma’am, we are sure you will! We hope that you never cease to impress us. Actually, we are sure you won’t!