1. Accept that Digital learning is here to stay and adapt to a style of teaching and learning that will be both Physical and Digital. Teachers need to be more creative to use the technology to create an atmosphere of learning for the students.
  2. Every subject can be made interesting - Create a story in every subject and make it interesting for the children so that it makes the subjects interesting and gets them interested in reading more stories. It encourages the habit of reading in the children. Children listen to their teachers more than their parents. Teachers should use their influence to tell the children the importance of reading and physical activity.
  3. Learning needs to be a personalised experience for every children in the classroom. A teacher needs to make the classroom learning experience interesting for the advanced student and the average student in the classroom.
  4. Education needs to move towards a model of Infotainment - Information through Entertainment. Not just the learning process but the assessment process also needs to be made interesting and engaging for the children.
  5. Students need to be taught to not fear failure. They should know that it is all right to admit that they do not know and then learn the answer from experts. Failure and acceptance of failure will lead to greater learning.