1. The biggest problem in an online class is engagement. This is why a teacher needs to go beyond being a teacher and become a performer. You have to teach with not just your words, but your face and your entire body to hold the attention of your students.
  2. Teachers have been left out of the experience scale. They are reproducing something they learnt decades ago and it is no longer relevant. We need to teach children values. Children need to grow up to be people who are concerned about their environment, their country and their future.
  3. What values are we imparting to our students? How can we engage with them? The heart of teaching is storytelling. If you cannot engage them through stories about Maths, Science or any other subjects, you have lost the opportunity to engage with the child.
  4. We need to factor change as a dimension of the system. Change is inevitable and teachers need to be prepared for change in the education system and prepare their students also to face that change. There is a huge opportunity today because the traditional method of classroom teaching has been rendered impossible.
  5. We need to teach our children to see every failure and every disaster as an opportunity to explore new ways of doing things and breaking out of the established structure. We need to impart values to enable the children to remain lifelong learners and stay relevant throughout their life.
  6. Energy, Clarity and Momentum: These are the three things that teachers need in the current scenario. The energy that you are imparting to your student through your class is more important than the transfer of content. We, as a teacher fraternity, need to have clarity on how things are going to turn out and provide that answer to the students who are looking up to us. You also need to provide a momentum in terms of where the students need to be on a daily basis through your online class.
  7. Schools need to be cognizant that students now have more exposure than ever before. Neither teachers nor students exist in silo or within the physical structure of the school anymore. They can get information from all over through multiple apps and the internet.
  8. Like every child in a class has a different shoe size, each child as a different learning ability. We need to be able to assess what the child's size is and create the right kind of content and lesson plan for the child. You need to educate not just the child but the parent as well that just consuming the content is not enough, it needs to be structured properly.
  9. Children do not like predictability. It makes them switch off. You need to structure your class and lesson plan in such a way that you break the pattern and give the child a breather. You have to get creative and impart more energy into your classroom.
  10. Stories are the best way to impart values to children. Storytelling has been a medium of value education over the decades. Children learn innately through stories.