Samskruti School-The School of Tomorrow, Miyapur trains its children for the future. At the core of their reading journey is the desire to effect a positive change in their children’s lives by making them love, feel, and enjoy reading. Their principal Trupti Vora Ma’am told us about the hard work and consistent effort that went into getting their children to read. The results are visible for all to see: Samskruti School bagged a coveted spot on the BR Rankboard!

The collaboration with Freadom and Club1BR was an intensive process that started with introducing children to the app, followed by frequent reminders to ensure that they downloaded the app. The next step was to make them active users of Freadom. For this, they assigned tasks in class and even conducted follow-ups.

It was clear to us from what Trupti Vora Ma’am said that they gave reading prime importance and treated it as something that was as important to acquire and develop as math, science, or social sciences. That belief translated into commitment and hard work. Their place on the Club1BR Rankboard is a testimony to their efforts and the importance they attach to ensuring the well-being and success of their children.

Congratulations to the school, its teachers, and management on your incredible performance! You deserve this recognition. To the students, who will be leaders of tomorrow, keep reading! Keep enjoying it, loving it, and feeling it. Let books be your best friends and constant companions as you move forward to a brighter tomorrow.