Stories are instruments that are often used by educators to teach young children concepts in science and its real-world applications. They make difficult concepts easier to understand and explain. Truly understanding these concepts in their formative years is necessary to establish a good STEM foundation, failing which, your children will face the hindrances caused by a learning gap as they move on to higher classes. These five books introduce science concepts for readers between the ages of six and eight in a fun, delightful manner.

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Who’s That in the Mirror?:

Mirrors are fascinating, yet not very easy for a child to understand. Maybe even difficult for some adults! This story narrates the tale of a little girl who feels overwhelmed when she looks in a mirror for the first time. Why should there be two of us, after all?

You can read Who's That in the Mirror? here.

Sharanya Speaks to Robots:

Coding is all the rage these days. This story for five to six-year-olds introduces them to the concept of a computer language. Even adults who are not sure what computer languages mean can take a shot at reading this book!

You can read Sharanya Speaks to Robots here.

Is This the Sea?:

My favourite story on this list, Is This the Sea? uses the story of two raindrops and their journey to the sea to talk about the water cycle. When I read it I wished my science teacher had used this story to teach me the section on the water cycle! It would have surely made the whole experience more memorable.

You can read Is This the Sea? here.

Shh! What’s That?:

The horrors of the dark haunt a lot of children, even some adults! Pair that with the shadows, shapes and sounds of the night and things become even scarier. But science offers an explanation for everything, and that makes the shapes of the night less daunting. This book is a great introduction to shadows and can also be given to a child who is too scared to sleep alone at night to put them at ease.

You can read Shh! What's That? here.

The Magic Block:

Magnets are truly fascinating things, no matter how old you grow. Imagine a child experiencing that wonder! This story is a fun, breezy, easy-to-read accompaniment to any fun-with-magnets session!

You can read The Magic Block here.