Today’s children never fail to amaze me. They know so many things and do so many things. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen them do is cooking! I couldn’t even have dreamt about baking cakes and making milkshakes when I was 7-years-old! But cooking tutorials on the internet have unleashed a new generation of master chefs!


But did you know that there are beautifully illustrated recipe books that can guide your child through their cooking journey? These activity-based books can also be a great way to get your reluctant readers to read. These recipe books also cover a range of dishes, not just your everyday cake and cookies!

The word sandwich has a very interesting and funny history. This is a story that will surely fascinate your children. Click here to read it.

Get into a Pickle:

This text features a super easy recipe for a carrot pickle. It’ll cater to our Indian taste buds and will complement all your meals perfectly! Children will enjoy eating it with their evening snacks too. Your child might need some assistance with cutting the vegetables. But apart from that, it is a simple mix-and-make guide.

You can read Get into a Pickle here.

Tender Coconut Ice Cream:

If your child is not fascinated by the thought of making a pickle, how about suggesting an ice cream first?! Almost every child loves gobbling up cold, delicious ice creams. But this recipe book is special because it offers a fresh new flavour: Tender Coconut! This recipe is extremely easy to make. You will have to help your child with finely shredded coconut. They can do everything else on their own and will not even have to go near a stove. This recipe is a cakewalk. Or should I say ice cream-walk?!

You can read Tender Coconut Ice Cream here.

Supercharged Shikanji:

Shikanji is another word for the favourite nimbu-paani or lemonade. With a generous addition of spices, this shikanji offers a party for your mouth! It even comes with a secret ingredient for extra fizz! Introduce this recipe to your child and you would never have to make them a lemonade after a fun day out with their friends. They would do it on their own because making this shikanji is just as much fun as drinking it!

You can read Supercharged Shikanji here.

Mason Jar Mithai:

This book features a recipe to make a mithai and is also a great suggestion for a gift. All you need is a clean glass jar and a few everyday ingredients to help your child make the perfect, most thoughtful gift for their friend’s birthday party. Are you a fan of mithais? Let your kids know and they can whip up this cute, mithai-in-a-jar gift for the next big event! Be it mother’s day, father’s day, teacher’s day or even a birthday, this jar will be a perfect gift that will make your mouths and eyes (tears of joy!) water.

You can read Mason Jar Mithai here.