A famous Malayalam movie dialogue proclaims: “Every beat of the Earth is mathematics. Without math, Earth is a mere zero!” Anyone who loves math loves it because they can see its real-world applications.


Every math-whiz sees numbers, angles, and fractions in their everyday surroundings. And what is the best way to show your tots the math around them? You guessed right, stories! Here are our favourite mathematics storybooks for 6 and 7 year-olds that will make learning fun, help kids wrap their heads around complex concepts, while also encouraging them to look beyond the pages of their textbooks. Providing them with these books in their formative years will help them enjoy math.

Savio Finds the Right Angle:

This story narrates the tale of a sister and brother who decide to do some math homework as they enjoy a fun Sunday outside. If you are someone who curles their nose at any statement that uses math and fun together, then this book might actually change your mind! This beautifully illustrated storybook will be the perfect way to begin (or end) any geometry lesson.

You can read Savio Finds the Right Angle on the Freadom app here.


Bounce! is a great book for children who are learning numbers and counting. This book will work well among younger children also. What better way to learn numbers than with a little girl chasing around bouncing ball? Numbers are always the first math lesson. Let this be your child’s first math storybook!

You can read Bounce! on the Freadom app here.

When Will Amma be Back?:

Which child wouldn’t relate to a book about a little girl who misses her mother? This book uses a heartwarming family story to talk about time and clocks. While Roja has fun during the day, she keeps an intent eye on the clock, waiting for the hour when her mother would be back. Your child’s time-reading journey will also be a memorable book-reading journey with this story!

You can read When Will Amma be Back? on the Freadom app here.
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Let’s Make Some Lime Juice!:

A glass of lime juice after a good game of robber or cricket is one of my most cherished memories. But lime juice can do much more than stimulate your taste buds. In this fun story, children share and make lime juice by applying concepts of fractions and parts. This story will make learning fractions enjoyable, and as an added benefit it will teach your child how to make lime juice! What better way to teach math than to couple it with food?!

You can read Let's Make Some Lime Juice! on the Freadom app here.

I Spy!:

This story uses a game of Hide and Seek at a birthday party to talk about numbers and subtraction. It’s a wholesome story that shows how math can be used to make even the most fun game better! This storybook also has a few math sums at the end. Talk about making learning fun!

You can read I Spy! on the Freadom app here.