Stories are a gateway to different cultures and regions. Many ardent readers would argue that reading is like travelling. Even if you do not completely agree with that, you would agree that anything new and novel would widen your child’s curious eyes.


Children will come back to books just for that: to get a slice of foreign lands, worlds and stories. As their eyes widen, you’ll witness their horizons and minds widening too. This list of recommended stories, provides a sneak peek into cultures, histories and folk tales from around the world.

Old Rooster:

This book is an African adaptation of the classic German fairy tale Town Musicians of Bremen by Brothers Grimm. It narrates the journey of four aging domestic animals who leave their cruel owners to give wings to their dreams. This is a heartwarming and thought provoking tale of friendship and companionship. Read this story to find out whether they will achieve their happily-ever-after.  

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Tiger’s Delicious Treats:

This  story from Vietnam, narrates the tale of a tiger who has found his calling in cooking. But tigers are scary, and no animal wants to buy treats from a tiger, no matter how delicious they smell! Read this story to find out what our tiger does to sell his sumptuous pies. This is an easy read for any child who is just starting their reading journey. But be warned, this story with quirky illustrations is sure to leave you with a child craving for all kinds of treats!

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The Nose of all Noses:

This book is a crowd favourite from home. It’s the tale of a Dadima and her granddaughter who goes on an adventure. And what guides them during these adventures? Dadima’s nose and her keen sense of smell! This beautifully illustrated book is funny, wholesome and will teach your child the history of our land and the fragrances that its people love.

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Omar’s Jab Jab:

This is the story of a young boy who is eager to step into the big boy shoes. He goes out with his elder brother to the Jouvert—a traditional festival signifying the start of the Carnival in Trinidad and other Caribbean islands—to play in the Jab Jab band. Jab Jab is the music of the common man and it signifies the islands’ emancipation from slavery in 1838. Encourage your child to read this story and explain to their curious minds what the carnival is all about. Watch as they make a journey to Trinidad to celebrate the carnival of freedom with Omar and his brother!

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How Many Ways Can You Use a Pakhaoma?:

Pakhaoma is a type of towel from Laos that has a wide variety of uses. It is an important cultural artifact from the country. This easy read explains the many different ways in which the people of Laos use their beloved Pakhaoma. This picture book about a simple towel will be familiar and foreign to your child at the same time. It’ll surely teach them how all people are one and the same.

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