Animals are equally loved by children and adults, so are animal storybooks! It is always a treat to see those adorable creatures do something stupid or funny. They are often used as a vehicle to teach ethics, morality and good behaviour. Many folktales starting from Panchatantra Tales to Aesop’s Fables are allegories that use animals as main characters. The effectiveness of animal characters in imparting moral lessons is often contested, but no one can argue that animals are not endearing!


In this book recommendation article, we bring to you 5 fun, informative stories starring our favourite animals, birds and insects. These books offer a wide spread, ranging from crows to rhinos to bees!

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Kaakaasaurus is a hilarious, informative book for eight-year-olds. Your children will learn more about birds, their evolution and have a ton of fun while doing so! This beautifully illustrated book will encourage your children to look at the neighbourhood crows with new eyes!

You can read Kaakaasaurus here.

Now I’ve Got You:

This book stars many animal characters, a wasp, a frog, a snake and much more! It is meant for younger readers and is also a good introduction to the food cycle. It also left me, a grown person, in splits! So, I am sure that your children will be laughing their way through the book!

You can read Now I've Got You here.

The Rooster That Crowed Too Soon:

This book is best suited for eight or nine-year-olds who can read long sentences with ease. It is set on a farm and narrates the tale of a haughty rooster who thinks of himself as very brave. However, the hawk has other plans! This story can also be used to teach your children more about farm animals.

You can read The Rooster That Crowed Too Soon here.

A Little Like You:

The star of this book is an adorable rhinoceros who forgets what animal he actually is! He goes around the forest trying to find out more about himself. He encounters many other animals on the way. This easy-to-read book set in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam is a fun introduction to rhinos and many other animals.

You can read A Little Like You here.

Pani’s New Outfit:

Who doesn’t want a new look once in a while? That’s all Pani, the bumblebee wants. A new set of colours, maybe even a new set of wings! But sometimes being who you are is better than trying to be someone else, is it not? Read this story for seven-year-olds to find out how Pani ends up falling in love with her natural self!

You can read Pani's New Outfit here.