With the wonders of the world ready to be grasped, every kindergartener's got just one thing on their mind - ADVENTURE! Unrelenting as the pandemic is, there are other ways to keep your 4 year olds curious, engaged and, most importantly, occupied! Here are the Top 4 Adventure Books from the Freadom App that you can share with your children.


It Wasn't Me!

A simple story for early readers, It Wasn't Me! is a book about blame and consequence. Told through a total of less than 50 words, the water colour pictures and story are bound to be relatable for children who are just beginning to read.

You can read It Wasn't Me on the Freadom app here.

Wheel's Big Problem

Journeying through the city and countryside is a sorely missed activity whether you're an adult or a child. Luckily, Wheel's Big Problem is a great way for children to relive the adventure of travel! Follow Wheel as they try to find the perfect fit from one vehicle to the next. Will Wheel finally be happy?

You can read Wheel's Big Problem on the Freadom app here.

Where are we Going Today?

Children can be nudged to contextually understand who Titi is in the story of Where are we Going Today? Told through pictures, readers can use a variety of clues ranging from the family picture on the first page to the variety of stops along Titi's adventure, to identify what Titi is! Is she a bird? A plane? SUPER- nope!

You can read Where are we Going Today? on the Freadom app here.

Flying High

There's something uniquely exciting about exploring new places. This is exactly what Flying High achieves! Through its simple story of Chandu who falling asleep in his mother's lap, we go on a magical flight through his dreams. How high will Chandu fly?

You can read Flying High on the Freadom app here.