Club1BR in association with NIE organised a special webinar on the topical issue of The Learning Gap and Strategies to Bridge it.

What is The Learning Gap?

The learning gap is the gap between what a child should have learnt and what s/he has learnt at any age. In India, all studies point to a significant learning gap in both math and language in early primary years. This gap widens with age - i.e. the kids who had a small gap at age 8 end up with a wide gap by age 15. This makes it crucial to identify this gap and address it as early as possible so that the child does not face the consequences.

The pandemic has made this worse because of the "learning slide" - a gap in education that causes the child to slide back. Azeem Premji University published reports on The Loss of Learning during the Pandemic. A striking statistic from the report: on an average, 92% of children have lost at least one specific language ability from the previous year across all classes. The percentage is higher at the younger age - primary classes than the older classes. This creates an urgency to address both the learning gap and the learning slide.

The Experts:

Anjum Rajabali

Anjum Rajabali is one of India’s best known screenwriters, with over ten feature film credits including Raajneeti, The Legend of Bhagat Singh and Ghulam. He wrote his first film Drohkaal in 1992, in collaboration with director Govind Nihalani. He’s mentored writers at many international script labs and has also been a script doctor and consultant to several well-known films. In 2004, he designed the Course in Screenplay Writing at FTII and in 2006 he set up the Screenwriting department at Whistling Woods, Mumbai. Anjum holds a Masters’ Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pune.

Aditi Mehta:

Aditi is an experienced educator, trainer, curriculum designer and language learning expert. She heads Academic Excellence and Impact for the Freadom platform, which provides skill-based and joyful online English language learning for over 2,00,000 children. In the past decade, she has designed one of India's most premier in-school reading programs which continues to benefit over 65,000 children between the ages of 3-10 today as well. She has also co-designed India's first diagnostic reading assessment F-AST along with her team at S2M in collaboration with The Australian Council of Education Research.  She has been trained in curriculum development, research, counseling and coaching. She holds a masters degree in Organisational and Social Psychology from the London School of Economics.

Here's the video of the webinar.

If you have only 2 minutes, then check out the segment at 47:30.


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