Geetha Sathish Ma’am, the principal of Siddharth's Miracles School, Gandhinagar told us that opening the doors to the world of reading is the best gift we can give to our children. We agree! Books are where the miracles lie, books are what makes miracles happen! The school’s commitment to realizing miracles is evident from its name. But their effort and dedication don’t stop there. Siddharth’s Miracles School bagged a spot on the July Club1BR Rankboard through innovation, attentiveness and commitment to the cause of reading.

The school used two main measures to get children to download Freadom and read on the app. One, regular follow-ups and two, rewards. Siddharth’s Miracles School made it a point to take proper follow-ups from parents to keep tabs on the children’s progress. But they knew that getting children to fall in love with reading could not happen through parents alone. The children needed to be looped in as active participants. For this, they started giving stars and badges to students who had the highest reading minutes. By creating a coveted Reader of the Month badge they made reading and Freadom exciting and engaging! Teachers and parents were also integrated into these efforts.

Geetha Ma’am tells us that joining hands with Freadom and Club1BR made the reading journey of the school easier. But we can only provide the resources and training. The school needs to supplement this with commitment and dedication. And Miracles’ School definitely took on their half with zest! Their remarkable performance on our Rankboard lays testimony to that. Geetha Ma’am believes that readers are leaders in the making. We are sure that all your children are budding leaders, and Club1BR is honoured to be a part of the journey!