Millennium World School, Ludhiana takes plenty of active measures to inculcate the love of reading in their children. This was clear as day to us from the answers we got from Principal, Gurpreet Kaur Ma’am. They believe that books are free tickets to the whole world, something that can make any journey or idle day at home exciting. She told us that literature is the best way to know the world around us and the far-away-lands we have never seen before. We couldn’t agree more! Books are a gateway to a wonderland.

Experiencing the wonders of literature through acquiring the habit of reading is easiest in one’s childhood. Because schools play a huge role in a child’s life, they can contribute a lot to a child’s reading journey. Millennium World School is aware of this, and has acted on it! They took numerous measures to get their children to read, and the collaboration with Freadom and Club1BR surely helped them further their reading goals.

They introduced the Freadom app through their language teachers. These teachers were in charge of encouraging children to read their favourite books on the Freadom app. This was done through designated reading hours, book days and even writing days! When a school values reading and puts efforts into inculcating that habit, their children will also pick up on the enthusiasm and view reading as a positive habit. Gurpreet Ma’am told us that children were also rewarded for being voracious readers in the school assembly. What’s more, parents were also made active participants in this initiative!

Millennium World School is placed very well among the July Rankboard Schools, and that is not surprising at all! When a school values reading, the children will also value it. It is heartwarming to see that they are committed and dedicated to the welfare and holistic development of their children. Kudos to Millennium World School and the children who helped the school bag a spot on our Rankboard!