Kid using a tablet for visual programming
Photo by Robo Wunderkind / Unsplash

Up until the start of 2020, there was one message that was consistently communicated to children :

If you don't take your eyes off that screen, you'll go blind!

An exaggeration, of course, but this message was repeated both by the teacher, at school, as well as the parent, at home. Fast forward to 2021, when the message has made a 180 turnaround. The entire classroom space is now at home via a screen, fighting for attention amongst several other screens along with the distractions of the internet. The cause for concern, however, has remained the same and is on top of everyone's minds.

What do we do about our children's screen-time?

This is an oversimplified and condensed question of the pandora's box revolving around the topic. And to this end, we conducted The Screen-Time Webinar with Guest Speaker Roshan Gandhi, CEO of City Montessori School Group. Being a third generation educationalist and head of the World's Largest School, recognised by the Guinness World Records, with over 56,000 children, he was an apt future-forward leader to have on our panel.

The Webinar saw over 150 participating school leaders, principals and teachers joining in from across the country. The speakers touched upon a variety of burning topics ranging from the inevitability of screen-time being an omnipresent aspect of children's lives to how children can be guided to effectively use screen-time.

You can watch the Webinar by clicking here.

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