Picture books are a joy to flip through, no matter how old you are. A picture book reaches the peak of its perfection only when both the story and the illustrations are perfect and in sync. We do not know if the pictures speak louder than the words, but we definitely do know that in a beautifully illustrated picture book, pictures speak just as loudly as the words. In today’s recommendation list, we look at five such books for Level 1 and Level 2 readers, in which the minimal text and the beautiful illustrations compete for our attention.


Who Just Went By?:

This is a beautifully illustrated book about animals and the paths they travel in the forest. It’s easy to read, does not have a lot of text and is accompanied by spell-binding pictures that support the story perfectly.

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When Dama Goes to Sea:

This book is set in the ocean, and sometimes on the ocean. Either way, the blue and the beautiful fish and the stunning skies are bound to leave your child enthralled as they accompany a father and a son on a fishing trip.

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The Clay’s Adventure:

This book stars an unlikely protagonist- clay! Yes, you read right. And as you can assume this book which is full of pictures of clay is very quirkily illustrated. You can also find the occasional human here and there, but ultimately, clay steals the show! Reading this book will be a different, amusing and eye-catching experience for your children.

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All the Missing Socks:

Another book with another unlikely star. This time it’s socks! This is an extremely relatable story about all the socks that go missing from our lives. Puff! They vanish just like that, without leaving a trace behind! This story will give you an answer and the incredibly cute illustrations that accompany it will leave you with a happy heart as you finish the book.

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The Bubble Mystery:

Bubbles. Bubbles fascinate every child and even many adults. And this story about a goat is full of them. Illustrations that are full of bubbles- you can already imagine how beautiful they would be! Beautiful shades of blue, red and green, frogs, fish and goat in a pond- these images will stay with you even after you finish this hilarious story! The Bubble Mystery is one of the best examples of a story and its illustrations complementing each other in the most perfect way possible. So, be sure that your children don’t miss it!

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