Lipika Nanda Ma’am from Pawar Public School, Dombivali took time out of her busy schedule to enlighten us about her school’s reading practices. The path the school took was quite different. Their strategy did not involve rewards or events. Instead, they sat down with their children and had a heart-to-heart conversation!

The first step was to introduce the Freadom app. During this introduction, they talked about many stories on the app and showed the parents and children that they were age appropriate. The teachers even encouraged them to take the app to their younger and older siblings, and thus set the ball rolling for the creation of entire families of readers!

The next step involved conveying the importance of reading. They explained the benefits of reading to their children. Improvement in vocabulary, comprehension skills and brain connectivity were some of the advantages they pointed out to them. Once the children started reading on the Freadom app, these benefits became very clearly evident to them!

This self-realization boosted their morale and pushed them to read more and more. At the same time, parents and teachers were looped in to provide children with all the support that they needed. The children were hooked to the app and so impressed with the progress they were making that they even started writing their own stories and poems!

When books start to amaze young readers, they will often try to start writing to see if they can create such marvellous pieces of writing. This process can be very fulfilling and will lead children to appreciate stories and writing even more. Lipika Ma’am told us that this was very heartening for the teachers and parents to see. This news was very heartening for us too! We can see that the children of Pawar Public School, Dombivali are falling in love with books and reading. This makes us beyond happy!

We wish you all many more exciting reading adventures!