If you found our last article on slang words useful, here is another list for you to bridge the generation gap stopping you from being your child’s best friend. While some of these words can be used in your everyday classroom, others are to be used in more informal conversations. Either way, these words will help you get a grasp of what your children are saying!



TBC is an abbreviation for To be Continued. You can find a lot of uses for this slang word. It’s a good way to wind up any class. It’s a stand-alone word that doesn’t need to be paired with any sentences. Do you want to let the cheeky student who is getting scolded know that they are not off the hook? This is your word! It’s cool, friendly, and also assertive.


Use it in a Sentence:

That brings today’s class to an end. Bye, TC. TBC. (Remember what TC is?)

We’ll stop the movie here for now. TBC.

This conversation is not over! TBC.


TBH is yet another “To be” abbreviation. It stands for, To be Honest. This word can be used in formal and informal conversations. You can always use this slang word with your children to earn some cool teacher points.


Use it in a Sentence:

TBH, I don’t know the answer to that question. But I’ll definitely look it up and let you know.

You can do better, TBH. Try harder and your assignment will be lit!


FOMO stands for the Fear of Missing Out. Relatable, right? Who hasn’t experienced FOMO at some point in their lives? Are you the kind of teacher who loves to have fun with your children? Then this is the word for you. Sometimes your responsibilities will prevent you from having the time of your life with the children, but just let them know that you are feeling FOMO. They will love you for it. FOMO is a stand-alone word. Just use it in a conversation and your children will know what it means.


Pro Tip:

Want to be a little cooler? Just use a hashtag with it! #FOMO is all you need to be your child’s best friend.


BRB is an abbreviation for Be Right Back. This slang word is incredibly useful. If you want to pause a conversation or a class, this is your go-to word.


Use it in a Sentence:

BRB, someone’s at my door.

I am getting an important phone call. BRB.

Read the first two paragraphs of the first chapter. I’ll BRB.

Throwing shade:

Throwing shade is a subtle way of ridiculing or insulting someone. We all do it at times, now you know what today’s youngsters call it! You might not have a lot of opportunities to use the word, but it’ll help you understand your children’s conversations better.

Use it in a Sentence:

I feel like he is throwing shade at me.

It was a little awkward, the singers were throwing shade at each other.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with some more internet slang, I can confidently say, you no longer need to feel #FOMO!