Sherwood School, Tura topped the BR Rankboard for schools from East and Central zones. We talked to the school’s principal, Tyrone D’Brass Sir, and he has one motto which he uses to push his children to read: “Readers become Leaders!” We couldn’t agree more!

He never took his school’s collaboration with Freadom and Club1BR lightly. He even made personal phone calls to students to get them to install the Freadom app. Hence, it’s not surprising that the school put up such a remarkable performance. What’s more, he even integrated teachers and parents into this mission!  Sherwood School’s commitment to creating leaders through readers amazes us. And they are clearly excelling! Tyrone D’Brass Sir’s answers were short and to the point, but he doesn’t have to say much, his school’s success ratio and reading minutes speak for themselves!

Congratulations to the principal, teachers, and management of Sherwood School, Tura! And a huge shout out to the students who created this success story! We are sure that your school’s commitment to the cause of reading will unleash the leaders in you. We hope reading makes this process more enjoyable and wholesome!