The Sanskaar School, Talwandi Sabo, Punjab is a regular member on the Club1BR Rankboard. And everytime it is one of the top ranking schools in the North Zone! We talked to Sania Ma’am from Sanskaar School to find out what they are doing right.

Sania Ma’am told us that getting children to read books seemed like an impossible task before Freadom. But after reading her replies I was thrilled to see how effectively Sanskaar School used Freadom’s resources. After notifying children about the application, teachers went to every class and explained the benefits of reading and taught the children how to use the app on a class-by-class basis. They sent regular reminders and also sent assignments from the app to ensure that children downloaded the app.

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The next step was getting them to read! The children were made to participate in activities like Sunday reading and other assignments on the application. Sanskaar School didn’t stop there. They went the extra mile and even allotted a reading period on their timetable to read on the Freadom app! The children were motivated to read and finish activities on the Freadom app by creating a leaderboard where top readers were listed.

Sania Ma’am tells us that the theme-wise division and the follow-up activities on the Freadom app were helpful in making the reading process fun and engaging for children. The follow-up activities helped the children rate their reading and comprehension skills, and thus paved the way for more reading. Sanskaar School’s teachers always informed themselves of their children’s interests and what pushed them to read on the app. Parents, too, had an equal role to play in the top-ranking school’s success story.

The efficient manner in which Sanskaar School used Freadom’s resources is truly laudable. Congratulations to the children, teachers and management of Sanskaar School, Talwandi Sabo. You help us inch forward in our mission of creating one billion child readers! A huge thank you for that!