RM data stands for Reading Minutes Data. And BR rank stands for Billion Reader Rank.

RM Data (RM = Reading Minutes)

For every child that has downloaded the Freadom app via the school's special link, we collect data on how many books and news articles the child has read and what his comprehension skill is. We make this data available to the school.

With this data, the school can tell which children (or classes) are reading very well and need to be rewarded. The school can also identify children who need special help.

BR Rank (BR = Billion Reader)

Every month, we rank schools on the total Reading Minutes of their children (normalised to the size of the school). This forms the BR leaderboard.

Schools use their BR rank to let all stakeholders - management, parents, and even prospective parents - know about how well the school is doing relative to other schools.

A school can improve their BR rank in only one way - by getting their children to read more. That's why people trust the BR ranks.

Data Policy

We recognise that data privacy is a major top-of-mind issue for schools and parents. Please read this document this document that explains our data policy.

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