Hamdard Public School, New Delhi is a new name on the BR Rankboard. We were curious to know what they did to overtake the reading minutes of many schools who are regulars on our Rankboard. We got in touch with their Principal Saher M. A. Sayed Ma'am to learn what they did right, and she told us that their success story stems from the simple belief that reading is an integral part of teaching and learning the English language!

We couldn’t agree more! Reading makes the teaching and learning of English much more smoother and efficient. We are sure that more schools would commit their resources to bringing up a new generation of readers if they were aware of the inherent connection between reading and English pedagogy.

Hamdard School’s strategy started with sending reminders and messages in Class WhatsApp groups to get the children to download the Freadom app. Following this, Saher Ma'am asked all the English teachers and unit heads to ensure that the students were enrolled on the app. The next step was getting children to read. She told us that teachers had an integral role to play in this too. They regularly encouraged their children to read on the Freadom app. Even parents were involved in some of the virtual activities the school organized to promote reading! Storytelling sessions and vocabulary building exercises were some of the measures the school adopted to make reading fun and easy.

The idea was to get the children interested and curious about the app. The teachers of Hamdard School were able to accomplish that through their relentless efforts. Hats off to the students, teachers and management of Hamdard School for scaling great heights! We hope to continue to see you on the BR Rankboard!