Today’s book recommendations are wholesome, happy, and heart-warming. Because they are about a theme that we all love the most- families! In this list, we bring you stories from many parts of the world. Some of these might also feel like cultural storybooks since families are closely tied with culture and communities. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them because they are filled with love and affection.


I am sure your children will feel the same way about these books. So, here you go!

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The Dog Who Knew Sadness:

Anybody who has a dog will agree that a dog is never just a pet. They are invariably a part of the family. My aunt always fondly says that her dog is her third child. This is the story of a dog who always stood by the little boy of the family. Feroz has mood swings and feels sad very often, but his dog Noah is always there to help. As an added benefit this story will also introduce your child to mental health issues.

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How Jess Chose her Mommy:

This story, as the name suggests, is about how a little girl chooses her mother. It is set in Manipur and is based on the Meitei worldview. This book is beautifully written and is also a very good introduction to the cultural beliefs of Northeast India, a region that is highly underrepresented in mainstream narratives.

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My Mom Drives a Taxi:

This book narrates the lovely story of a single mother who goes to great lengths to ensure the happiness of her daughter. It’s an easy read and it is also sure to make your children mindful of different types of families and different kinds of family dynamics.

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Ya’s Backyard Jungle:

This is a sweet story of a little girl’s relationship with her grandparents. It is a story from an indigenous community in Vietnam and involves beautiful illustrations and lots of food! The girl grows up with her doting grandmother. But soon the two move to separate houses. Read this story to find out how she fills that void.

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My Brother, the Zombie:

This is a hilarious story that talks about the relationship between two brothers. The elder one is always hooked on video games and never gives the younger sibling any attention. But then one fine day, there is a power outage. Read this story to find out what happens to the brothers when they have to find forms of entertainment that are not powered by electricity!

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