Dear Educator,

Such a strange time we live in - there is a crisis everywhere. One wonders daily, what is "essential" to us, to our community and to our country? To me, after health, the next most essential item is reading. But to be very honest with you, I've been trying to read the same book for the last one month. It's hard for me to focus with so much going on in the country.


It's an interesting book though - the last section I was reading was about an experiment on "learning" on 2 monkeys. Researchers were trying to get the monkeys to remember a list of 5 items in a specific order. The researchers concluded that when the monkeys took hints, they finished faster. But they failed their "exams" the next week. However, when the monkeys didn't take hints, they finished slower but did much better in their exams. I feel like we already knew this from the lovable-monkey-like-children in our classrooms. :-)

(Do you recognise the book? Reply and let me know!)


How can we get our children to focus on learning at this time? What is essential for them? In my mind, it's very clear - it's reading! but I may be biased. What do you feel is most "essential" for our children in these times?

In other news, the BR ranks for the first half of April 2021 have been announced! As you already know, when children of a school read more, the school ranks higher on the BR leaderboard.

1. Pawar Public School, Mumbai
2. Priyadarshini English Medium School, Pune
3. Vishnu School, Bhimavaram
4. Vishwakarma Empros International School Chinchwad, Pune
5. Vishwakarma Empros International School Talegaon, Pune
6. Army Public School, Lucknow
7. Navy Children School, Goa
8. Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi
9. Heritage International School, Pune
10. Nalanda Gurukul School, Pune

Schools from Maharashtra topped the list this time. Congratulations to them. We hope your school makes it to the list the next time!


Thank you for reading!

Amrutash Misra,

I head an initiative called Club1BR: 1 Billion Readers. This is part of a company called Stones2Milestones. We also run fREADom, WOW, BLPS, F-AST and MsMoochie. Since 2009, we're on a mission to improve language education and reading as a life skill.

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