Making the most out of a resource is what all educators try to make possible for their students. This is what drove The Stepping Stone School, Chinchwad to make full use of the Freadom App for their students. We sat down to interview the Principal and Academic Co-ordinator Mrs Ritu Mendiratta to learn about the school's best practices.

To begin with, the school had set up a Reading Club to encourage children to pick up the reading habit at the start of the pandemic. With this in mind, making reading a pleasurable activity with the aim of learning how to read was paramount. For this, created a divide-and-conquer strategy. With the help of the Teacher Workshop on using the Freadom App's resources, the idea of creating a micro-community of readers within the school took seed. Following this, a Reading Club Plan was made involving the teachers to address challenges that they would foresee during the execution. Upskilling workshops were planned for teachers of the school specifically for phonetic awareness.


Reminders to download the app


Introduction session for Teachers


Induction for teachers on Reading club plan


Phonetics session for teachers


Students induction for Freadom app during 1st reading club session connect call


Phonetics session for 2 sessions


VLS- Teacher to prepare a video on Reading a book by screen recording


Assign a book to students


Conduct reading sessions during Connect call


Reading level tracker for students and teachers


Children’s tracker to know challenges faced by students by referring to the report from Freadom app


Plan various activities related to a book to know about the comprehension level of children


Video submission by students


Outsourced reading enhancement sessions


Teachers reading enhancement sessions

A unique feature of the Connect Call introduced by the school was the use of storytelling videos by selected teachers. These videos had the advantage of being relatable to the children as well as sparking curiosity within them to want to tell their teachers about their progress with reading the storybooks that were assigned to them. In turn, children were also encouraged to submit their storytelling videos of the book that they read, which was then broadcast through the school's official YouTube channels - a platform for children, a platform for learning, and a platform for school news.

You can check out The Stepping Stone School's YouTube Channel here

With individualized understanding of the Freadom App and the opportunity for every child to feel validated for their participation, The Stepping Stone School has truly managed to make full use of their resources.

You can also watch the full video interview here.