Picture books usually involve text that are accompanied by pictures. These pictures support the text, help your child make sense of the text on the page, and above all, offer a visual treat. Picture books engage your child’s visual abilities and comprehension skills. However, some picture books only offer pictures, no words! Big surprise, they are called wordless picture books.


Your child can look at the pictures and make the story that they want to read. What a great way to boost creativity and give wings to your child’s imagination! Some of these wordless books convey a lot through their pictures, they lead your child in a particular direction, while always allowing for creative freedom. Other books leave the field open for your child! The pictures are just guides- visual prompts that they can use to make as many stories as they want. That’s right! One picture book can be a source of multiple stories. They show you that there are infinite possibilities. There is no right or wrong story, they just ask you one question, “What is your story?”

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These books are perfect for Level 1 readers, but children who have moved forward on the reading scale can also have a lot of fun with these books. Because stories and imagination know no age! So, are you ready to groom some writers and storytellers? Here are 4 wordless stories that you can access on the Freadom app. I will not be sharing many details, or giving a synopsis, because I do not want the brief to restrict your child’s imagination.

Mango Lick:

As the title suggests, this story stars a mango. But if your child wishes, the mango can be a banana trapped in the body of a mango! As I said, infinite possibilities. Ask your children to read the book leisurely, let them take their time to look at the pictures and the colours, and let them come up with as many stories as they want!

Fly By Bye:

This is a story about the world from a fly’s perspective. Your child’s words for this story will give you a sneak peak into the world from their perspective! You can ask each child to write a story that corresponds with the pictures, or alternatively you can split them into groups and ask each student to frame a sentence for each page. This will teach them the essentials of writing and structuring.

Do Good, Get Good:

Initially, the pictures come across as fairly self-explanatory. But after a few pages they delve into a land of fantasy and magic. That is exactly what you need to bring out your child’s fantastical reads. The story involves a puppy, which is always a great plus point!


This is a great wordless book, especially for slightly older children. There are more pictures and pages, and it involves science and innovation. The second ingredient will also be needed when your child tries to make a go at creating words for this wordless story!