Many children who never gave plants a second thought would trade valuable possessions today—toys and chocolates (but probably not gadgets!) —for a chance to squelch in mud and grass. Ah, the wonders of the virus!


Jokes aside, this is a serious problem. Imagine your 7 year-old climbing trees, playing in water, and throwing mud! The absence of these natural stimuli has definitely left a void in their lives. So, what can we do about it? Don Mother Nature's hat, and get to work! Here are 5 stories that promise adventure, innovation, and kindness.

Tara’s Tree Top Adventure

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they join Tara on an unbelievable treetop adventure! This is a short tale with beautiful illustrations. Who hasn't dreamt about making friends with the cheeky, lively squirrel? Encourage your children to read this heartwarming tale of friendship and watch as they go on a fantasy ride with their imaginary squirrel friends!

You can read Tara’s Tree Top Adventure on the Freadom app here.

Bounthy’s Singing Birds

Bounthy’s birds taught him kindness. It’s sure to do the same for your children! After all, isn't that what nature does? This picture book recounts the tale of a selfless boy who frees his favourite birds from his cages. This thought-provoking tale will surely encourage them to think about  their relationship with animals and human beings.

You can read Bounthy’s Singing Birds on the Freadom app here.

An Umbrella for Druvi

Druvi, the dragonfly, loves to explore, but hates the rain! So what does she do when it rains? Read this vibrant, exciting book to find out. Problem solving and innovation is one of the many skills we acquire while exploring nature. This beautifully illustrated book narrates one such tale.

You can read An Umbrella for Druvi on the Freadom app here.

Sniffles, the Crocodile and Punch, the Butterfly

Who wouldn’t love to devour the friendship of a meek crocodile and a bold butterfly? They are not what the world tells them they should be... but that's what makes them unique!  This paves the way for a heart-warming friendship. This story is slightly longer than the previous ones, so help your kids if they need it. But definitely encourage them to read the story of these unlikely heroes.

You can read Sniffles, the Crocodile and Punch, the Butterfly on the Freadom app here.

Mouse in the House

This one is not set in a garden or forest. It’s set in a house. Not really fitting for a nature story, you might say. But we love to celebrate differences and unlikely stories! In this story, nature takes the form of a hilarious little mouse who enters the house and causes havoc. This was probably the extent of interaction with nature that many of us could afford during the past year. I was the victim of a mouse problem, but try as I may, I could never get rid of them. Do you think the family in this story would be able to get rid of the mouse?

You can read Mouse in the House on the Freadom app here.