"If your friends jump in a well, will you do it too?"

Chances are that you've either heard this statement yourself, or many a time found yourself saying this to your children either as a parent or as an educator. We've been conditioned to believe that peer pressure is bad. That our peers are out to get us. That if we're not vigilant, they will lead us down wayward paths. Or worse! AAAAA!

Photo by Spencer Davis / Unsplash

But peer pressure can be a fantastic way to drive action. And this is precisely what Vishnu School, Bhimavaram managed to do!

The school started off by having teachers assign stories to the children, gradewise, via the Freadom App. But this wasn't enough. The children were then asked to read the story, out loud, and share their recordings with their teachers. The best reader of that grade was then chosen by the teacher and the child's picture shared with all of the Whatsapp groups celebrating the child as the Reader of the Day. But it didn't stop there! The recordings of the best readers were then shared via the school's official Youtube and Spotify channels.

This in turn led to tangible results for the school. More children started to participate, willingly, in the read aloud segments. Parents started to get more involved in encouraging reading at home. And Vishnu School, Bhimavaram ended up securing not just the #1 position on the South Region Leaderboard for the month of May, but also cracked the National Level Leaderboard by coming up 3rd all in the span of a single month!

You can listen to the children's stories here on the Vishnu School Podcast by clicking here.

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