People find it hard to believe that I'm an introvert. I grew up spending most of my time indoors, specifically in the safe haven of quiet spaces and bibliosmia. The local library was my most favourite place in the whole wide world, and nobody could change my mind (my parents and teachers tried very hard to get me to explore the joys of the jungle gym...and failed miserably). I was happiest when I had my face buried behind a book.


Imagine how happy Mogambo would've been if he'd realised that reading a book on world domination could give him as much joy (and a far heavier pocket considering how many henchmen were on his payroll) as attempting to actually conquer the country!

Jokes aside, here are some classic books on friendship that you can pick up, or revisit, and even recommend to your children.

Charlotte's Web, by EB White

I credit my lack of fear for spiders to this classic tale about a girl and her pig Wilbur, and of course to Wilbur's spider friend, Charlotte. Equal doses heartwarming and engrossing, Charlotte's Web is a book beloved by children over decades and has stayed true to the testament that friendship lasts forever.

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Swami and Friends, by RK Narayan

No list of book recommendations on friendship is complete without including this iconic book. Swami and Friends is a modern classic of Indian English literature (at least in my books/ book lists!) that captures the spirit of childhood when read as a child, and that is steeped in nostalgia when read as an adult.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain

Poignant, moving and guaranteed to give you a glimpse of history, Tom and Huck's adventures are legendary. Steeped in times gone by, reading this book is like going back almost 130+ years (it was first published in 1885), and realising that the essence of friendship has stayed evergreen.

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