Club1BR doesn't steal or sell your data.


It is necessary for us to be transparent with you on our data policy. We take this seriously.

Freadom App Usage Data

Club1BR works with schools to promote reading and language proficiency. For this purpose, we collect reading data on the Freadom app and share it with the school and parent. A child's reading data is only share with his/her parent and school.

To collect reading data, we must create a profile for the child. For this purpose, the Freadom mobile app asks for the parent's mobile number - this serves as an identifier for the app - a child can login to his/her account on the app via his parent's mobile number + OTP.

Parent Data

The Freadom app uses a parent's mobile number as a unique identifier. Freadom stores this data in an encrypted way (hackers can't steal) and it doesn't sell this data.

Freadom sends regular updates on their ward's activities on the app to the parent's mobile number.

While most benefits provided as part of Club1BR are free, there are paid programmes too. Parents can access these programmes on their own on the Freadom app.

Schools may also opt to work on a commercial basis with Freadom or Club1BR to provide specific parents with specific paid programmes for their specific needs.

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