Dear School Leader,

The big question on everyone's mind is - when will we get back to school? When? When? When?

I am reminded of the old song about the hen and the egg. Have you heard it? I heard it first from Mrs Geeta Ramanujam, who heads Kathalaya - India's premier storytelling training and diploma school. I was briefly teaching storytelling alongside her in Kathalaya in 2015-17. Here's another version of the same song -

Here are the lyrics -

Hey! Little hen!
When, when, when will you lay me an egg for my tea?
Hey! Little hen!
When, when, when will you try to supply one for me?

Get into your nest, do your little best.
Get it off your chest. I can do the rest.
Hey! Little hen!
Tell me when, when, when, will you lay me an egg for my tea?

Hey! Little virus!
When, when, when will you get out of our lives?
(okay this part is not in the original song)


The other thing on everyone's mind is "screen-time." As you know, we had a webinar last week on "Good Screen-Time." We started the webinar by asking Mr Roshan Gandhi, CEO of CMS schools what he felt his 57,000 sets of parents were anxious about with respect to screen-time. The video recording of the webinar is available here. We've also put up 3 blog posts summarizing the learnings for you to pass on to your teachers and parents -

  1. The 3 Golden C's: Types of 'Good Screen Time' Your Child Needs
  2. 'Good Screen Time': Understanding the GST No Parent Should Evade
  3. Will Your Child Break Up With the Screen Post Pandemic?


Club1BR news

In Club1BR News this week:

  1. It's still National Reading Month and we're still celebrating every day. But we learnt from Padma Shri Y S Rajan that we really need a National Reading Decade to overcome the learning gap challenges facing our country. This was at the 29 Episode of #3 Sawaal/Question hosted by Dr Senthil at TLC featuring Prof Y S Rajan and Kavish, the co-founder and CEO of Freadom.
  2. We have a new website and our teacher community link has changed. Do let your teachers know.

If your school is not a part of Club1BR already and you feel like you're missing something, then reply to this email and we shall immediately correct this! Club1BR is a community on a mission to raise 1 Billion Readers. Together.


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Amrutash Misra,

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