Dear Principal,

How are you? I'm well, and vaccinated once.


Last week I had a conversation with a school leader about how interview candidates for teacher roles didn't want to take "online classes" because they didn't know how to. This is a prominent Bangalore school. Parallely, my colleague Swati was telling me about how some teachers need a lot to training to learn basic skills like "screen-share."

Earlier today, my colleague Sukanya shared this very interesting article with me which said that women have lower digital literacy skills than men.


I'm deeply conflicted by this. Last year, when the pandemic started, we imposed the burden of online classes upon our teachers. Our teachers are mostly women, and by extension are lower on the digital literacy pyramid. Many of them were last in their families to get a smartphone (or they share one).

The burden of educating our children can't be loosely held. Ideally we should have immediately upskilled all our teachers, as a country. I know that many schools trained teachers on using Zoom and Google Classroom and creating online-coursework. Perhaps your school did too. I was personally helping a few schools with this in Summer 2020.

Have we moved the needle? How far have we come? Are our teachers equipped to be online-teachers or hybrid teachers? Can they effortlessly research online? Can they fact-check an article? Can they use Zoom / Kahout / Quizup / Freadom / other similar ed tools in their classroom? I don't know. What do you think?


Club1BR news

In Club1BR News this week:

  1. The Top 10 Leaderboard for May 2021 is out - link.
  2. We had the principals' round table meeting for South Zone. Some interesting case studies were discussed and we had a few action points for me. If you need an invite for your zone, please let me know.
  3. Sukanya has launched an internet-refresher course for teachers. And a 'saathi circle' meeting for teachers' emotional welfare.

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