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How are you this week?


Have you read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein?

It's a poignant story of a tree that loves a boy. The boy plays with the tree and they are happy in each other's company. But the boy grows up, and needs money for which the tree givers her apples. Then the boy needs wood for a house for which the tree gives her branches. The tree gives and gives till there is no more to give. I think about this story a lot because it's an allegory for a mother - a self-sacrificing tree who "gives."


Mother's Day just passed by.

There are happy stories everywhere on how we love our mothers. But the truth is that we make her work too hard, and the fathers don't share the load.

On April 30, my colleague Aditi was talking to Anjum Rajabali, who is a famous scriptwriter on an exclusive Club1br webinar organised by the Times of India. One of the things they spoke about was that COVID-19 has changed the situation a little bit for mothers. In some families, the fathers have swept the floors, cleaned the dishes, and taken a few lessons for their kids. And the kids have noticed. Not all families though.

What is your opinion? Did you see the men sharing workload that's traditionally the mother's "job" during these lockdowns?


Club1BR news

In Club1BR News this week:

  1. The Top 10 Leaderboard for April 2021 is out - link!
  2. The teacher community hosted its first Virtual Lunch Break session - teachers from across the country logging in to interact with each.
  3. The Times of India hosted 2 Club1br exclusive webinars on The Learning Gap - with Anjum Rajabali, the screenwriter and with Prahlad Kakkar, the ad-guru.

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