Dear Principal,

International Day of the Book came and went. It was on April 23 - Shakespeare's death anniversary. We did a little celebration, and I hope you got to do one too.

I meet too many people today who feel that the age of reading is over - "people don't read these days," "YouTube has killed reading," "Who has the time to read," etc. Nothing is further from the truth. More people are reading than ever before. More words are being written, more books are being printed, more articles are written on the internet every single day!


Here are 3 uplifting reading-is-growing stories:

1. The Iceland Book Flood - Every year at Christmas, Icelanders gift books to each other. It's a national tradition and is called Jolabokaflod.

2. Some miscreants burnt down a roadside library in Mysore, which is sad. But a donation drive led to over 25L raised to rebuild the library. And tons of books were donated to the owner.

3. This one is closer home: Club1BR member Pawar Public School Bhandup's kids clocked over 4000 Reading Minutes on the fREADom app. They surprised us, and possibly their parents too. :-)


Schools new to Club1BR - 1 Billion Readers are now being offered storytelling sessions by BLPS trained storytellers. It's super entertaining and a great way to get your kids excited about reading digitally. There's a catch though. Reply to this email and I shall offer more details.


Thank you for reading!

Amrutash Misra,

I head an initiative called Club1BR: 1 Billion Readers. This is part of a company called Stones2Milestones. We also run fREADom, WOW, BLPS, F-AST and MsMoochie. Since 2009, we're on a mission to improve language education and reading as a life skill.

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