Adventure books are packed with excitement and fun. The readers experience this fun and excitement along with the characters. The protagonists of these books are full of life, they are always looking for new things to be excited about, and they infuse the readers with a vigour for life. They find joy in the smallest of things.


This recommendation list has been curated to bring to you some characters who find excitement, joy, and adventure in everyday life. Make these books and their protagonists your child’s companions as they stay locked up in their homes. They will teach your child to find adventure around them within the four walls of their homes. They will show your child that finding an adventure is an adventure in itself!

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Frog’s Starry Wish:

A lot of us have wanted to catch the stars as a child, maybe even as an adult. So does the frog. But no matter how hard he tries, and no matter how high he jumps, he cannot manage to catch the stars! So does he give up on his dream? A big NO! Our frog is not just a seeker of adventure, he is also a master of innovation. Read the book to find out how he fulfills his wishes. This is an easy read ideal for Level 2 readers.

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The Land of Dim:

This is the perfect adventure story to beat locked-up-in-your-home-blues! A true adventure seeker can find adventure anywhere. You just have to put your mind to it. Read this story to find out how Kelana, a little boy, converts a blackout into an all-out adventure! This is a Level 2 storybook.

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Nani’s Walk to The Park:

This book is a little treat because the adventure-loving protagonist of this book is everyone’s favourite person in the world- a grandmother! Grandmother? On an adevnture? Yes, grandmother on an adventure! Just because you walk slowly doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and excitement. This story teaches you that there is beauty and fun everywhere, even on the roads that you traverse daily. You just need to look at it with new eyes! This is a Level 3 storybook with beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking text.

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Brave Rima:

Adventures are scary, that’s how they are supposed to be. Adventure rides entertain you with controlled fear. But what if you are taken out of the controlled environment? What if you are left to fend for yourself? A true adventure lover would still enjoy it. In fact, they would think that adventure has become all the more better! That’s what brave Rima thought. That’s what your adventure-loving tots would think too! This book is perfect for a Level 2 reader.

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Mr. Anand has an Adventure:

This list also features an adventure loving grandpa! Mr. Anand loves adventures, loves to go for walks, and is always looking to discover new experiences. He truly believes that age is just a number! And boundaries and limits are just two words. The real strength lies in your mind. Join Mr. Anand’s adventure to find out! Level 2 readers will love this book.

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