All readers like to see themselves in the books they read. If you are more of a movie person, you would know that you enjoy seeing yourself reflected on the big screen. Everyone feels an affinity for people and characters they can relate to. The same holds true for bookworms!


So today’s recommendation list will feature our favourite books about people who like to read books. These books are not just for children whose noses are buried in books all the time. Children who are just starting their reading journey and those who are reluctant to read will understand why people love books and why books are amazing, when they befriend these bookish literary characters!

Unnie and Innie:

Children love to imitate their peers. If your child has a best friend who loves books, it is likely that they would end up falling in love with books too. The story of Unnie and Innie goes to show that. Your child will love this beautifully illustrated book that follows the reading journey of a book lover and a reluctant reader. This book is a win-win since its characters will be relatable for children on both sides of the reading camp.

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Little Ant’s Big Plan:

If you are a teacher or parent whose children love books a little too much, then you’ll find this book relatable too! Reading books is a great habit, but sometimes you are forced to ask your children to stop reading. Maybe there is an exam coming up or maybe you have been asking your child to clean up their room for as long as you remember.

Teaching your children to write is as important as teaching your children to read. Click here to learn more.  

But reading is not a passive activity, it requires a lot of effort from the side of the reader and they are constantly gaining new knowledge. The story of the little ant will prove that you. If you know any parents who think reading is useless and a waste of time, then I suggest you recommend this book to them as well. It might open their eyes to the benefits of reading!

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A Book for Puchku:

This is a hilarious book about a girl who wants to do nothing but read in her life. She doesn’t want to play, she doesn’t want to eat, all she wants to do is read. But what will happen when she finishes all her books? Read this story to find out. It’s sure to leave your child in splits!

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A Miaow and A Roar:

Reading is an immersive experience. It transports you to a whole other world. It employs your visual and tactile senses, and also demands that you use your own imagination, creativity and ability to visualize. This book narrates the tale of two children who become so immersed in their book that they end up being the characters in the story they are reading!

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New Friends, New Adventures:

Every book lover likes to have a mentor who will guide them through their reading journey. This story features such a grandpa, who talks to his grandson about all the friends he has made and all the adventures he has been on through reading. This book also poses a few questions to the reader allowing them to indulge in a moment of introspection!

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