What is Club1BR?

Club1BR - 1 Billion Readers - is a mission-driven community programme meant to raise 1 Billion Readers. Read More

1. Freadom App

Schools join as members and get free access to the Freadom reading app for a year, for all their children. This is worth Rs. 1500 per child per year.

2. RM Minutes

As children read, we measure their "Reading Minutes" (RM number) and give member-schools detailed data of their children.

3,00,000 readers currently spend roughly 150 minutes per month reading on Freadom. That's 45 million Reading Minutes per month.

3. Community Support

Schools that believe in reading and consider language skills as critical are not always in a position to promote them. Maybe the parent community wants more focus on STEM. Perhaps the teachers consider reading as a 'waste of time.' Or the school doesn't know how to promote reading. Are the teachers well-read themselves?

The Club1BR community helps schools out with all reading-related problems. There are regular storytelling sessions for the children, upskilling courses for the teachers, parenting workshops, and even principal circle meetings.

We really believe in reading-as-a-life-skill. Without reading, there is no freedom.
The Freadom reading anthem

Introducing the Club1BR Ambassador program

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could take this free program to thousands of schools and help their children read more!

That's what Club1BR reading ambassadors do! As an ambassador, you will spread the mission of reading to schools - enrol them into Club1BR - and then help their children read more!

You will wear your school's RM number as a badge of honour. You will be a changemaker. The role model that children will look up to. On social media, you will proclaim your impact on the world.

Look ma, I caused 1 Million Reading Minutes!

Do Something Great
Photo by Clark Tibbs / Unsplash

What does a Club1BR Ambassador do?

  1. Reaches out to schools within his/her network and talks to them about reading.
  2. Signs them up and shares access to the resources they are entitled to as member schools.
  3. Promotes the cause of reading in the school. If the RM number doesn't grow, then s/he initiates change.
  4. Watches as RM number grows. :-)

At Club1BR, we have a fabulous support team - with outreach managers, community managers and storytellers. We will give you all the training and resources that you will need.

At the end of the month, we pay you a stipend plus a bonus on your RM score.

Do you have questions?

  • How are we doing this for free? What's the Catch?
  • Can I choose which schools to go to?
  • Isn't screen time bad for kids?
  • Reading is for pleasure. Why are we measuring it?
  • How much will I get paid? Will my expenses be re-imbursed?

Make a list of all your questions and bring it to the Club1BR Ambassador program open house.

man thinking - scratching head
Looks like this guy is still thinking about the ambassador car. Photo by jaikishan patel / Unsplash

Be a Club1BR Ambassador

Register to be a Club1BR Ambassador by filling up this form below. We will invite you to the next open house.