What is Club1BR?

Club1BR - 1 Billion Readers - is an organisation on a quest to raise 1 Billion Readers.

Schools join the club to get free access to new-age technology that acts like a superpower in the school's mission of promoting reading-as-a-life-skill.

How does Club1BR work?

At the core of Club1BR is the idea of "measurement" and using measurement to improve. We measure "Reading Minutes (RM)" - and related data.

As soon as a school joins Club1BR, they get free access to the Freadom reading app (link) for all their children.

Each child's Reading Minutes and related data (like whether they answered comprehension questions) are shared with the school. The school can plan improvements and celebrate successes using this data.

Every school is ranked on a "BR leaderboard" as per their RM. A good BR rank is reflective of the genuine effort that a school has put in. Schools celebrate their BR ranks by sharing it with their parents and management.

Club1BR also offers workshops (for teachers and parents) and storytelling events (for children) to help schools improve their RM.

Why is this important?

As per UN data, 55% of Indian children aged 10 from private urban English medium schools learn language poorly. The situation is even worse outside these schools. The World Bank calls this is "learning poverty."

Language proficiency, and reading-as-a-life-skill, is key to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN-SDG) #4 - Quality Education. The 1BR - 1 Billion Readers mission also impacts Poverty Eradication (#1), Gender Equality (#5) and Economic Growth (#8).

The National Education Policy (NEP) recognises this and recommends heavy focus on reading. All three of these bodies - UN, WB, and GoI - converge on how critical it is to raise readers.

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