1. English is no longer taught as a language, but as a content. We treat it as merely reading passages. English is considered as something anyone can teach. English needs to be taught as a language. There needs to be an orientation that the English language is critical for children to understand other subjects like mathematics and science.
  2. The teachers need to be aware of what are the minimum vocabulary levels for primary level and secondary level children. The two key aspects to focus on are oral comprehension and written expression. The teacher must be clear about the purpose of teaching English and the profile of the learners. The same technique cannot work for primary learners and secondary learners.
  3. Teacher is instrumental in creating a practical application of the text in the student's mind. It is important for teachers to focus on their professional development. However, job insecurity stops the teachers from concentrating on professional development or learning new strategies for teaching.
  4. The teacher should create a love for the language in the child. The assessment of a child's learning of the language needs to be done very creatively. Assessments need not be a pen and paper test. They should be based on the child's learning type - on the basis of multiple intelligence like visual, kinesthetic and so on. The formative assessment process needs to change for non-board classes.
  5. Language teaching needs to be bi-lingual. There needs to be compassion for the students and teachers who may not come from a English speaking household. Audio notes and video notes will be very useful for the children. Teachers must learn to use technology for the best advantage of the children.
  6. English needs to be treated as not just a subject but as a functional language. Teachers need to create an emotional connect with the language for the children based on the child's native language.
  7. Language and Literature are not two separate entities. They are two wheels of the same chariot. We need literature in order to develop the language skills. It is important to understand that language is the medium of learning, not an aspect of learning.