Much is happening in the sports world right now. Sports lovers are cherishing the Olympics games, football nights, and cricket matches scheduled for this month. This is all the more special since pandemic restrictions took the vigour out of sports last year. We have decided that this calls for a celebration. And as always we celebrate with books!


Here is our list of top 5 Sports-themed books on the Freadom app. They will be the perfect companion to your child’s sports fever!

Ramya’s Bat:

Part of the best-selling Ramya series, this book follows Ramya as she overcomes hurdles to achieve her dream of playing cricket. By highlighting the gender norms in the world of sports, this Ramya story encourages children to look beyond gender, and love sports for what it is. This book will sow the seeds of independent thinking in your five and six-year-olds, and it will perfectly complement the P.V. Sindhu fever!

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The Kite:

The Kite is a simple storybook for young readers in their beginner stage. It follows a naughty little boy who is having the time of his life in a kite flying game. Couple it with a lesson on how to make kites and you have made the perfect potion for the sports season!

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Ah Football!:

This storybook from Africa is about football, honesty, friendship, and family. It follows two friends whose trip to the grocery store gets sidelined by a game of football on the field. But something terrible and unexpected happens after the game. Read the book to find out how the friends deal with it!

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India At The Olympics:

This is a short, informative, non-fiction read for children who can understand full sentences without difficulty. This is the perfect book for the week and your child is sure to enjoy this book if they are curious about India’s history at the Olympics. Recommend this book and make their Olympics experience more wholesome.

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A Game of Cricket:

One cricket story is never enough, so here is another! This book for eight-year-olds follows the journey of a girl who pursues her passion for cricket, finally leading her team to win a tournament at school. Any child who loves cricket will love this book.

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